The Story of Sam

I write about dating, social intelligence and self development because these topics are close to my heart. At 20 I was coasting through college, I’d never been laid and my ambition stopped at the pong table. My situation wasn’t horrible by any means, but I knew that if I stayed on that track my life would turn out average, at best…

I’m a sucker for dirt bikes and travel

Five years later I’m still Sam in name only. I’ve gone out into the world, had ten-thousand adventures and even if I died tomorrow, nobody could say I led an uninteresting life. By applying all of the lessons and tips that I talk about on Alpha Doctrine I’ve been lucky enough to do all the things that I’ve wanted to.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve through hundreds of hours of trail and error, I’ve also figured out what I want most out of life. I want to help other people to have the same amazing experiences that I’ve had!

Travelling in Thailand with my then girlfriend was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

I write (and record videos) for all of the guys who don’t want to settle for the 9 to 5. The guys who want to take advantage of the 21st century and create some awesome fucking adventures! Whether that’s travel, learning game or developing the discipline to be an online entrepreneur.

In New York I learned about money, where my boss wouldn’t rent an apartment unless it had an elevator in the living room

No offense, but being average is the fucking worst. Once you get a taste of what the world has to offer you’ll be hooked for life, For instance, here are a few of things I’ve done since graduating from college in 2014.

  • Spent more than two years abroad, living in a dozen countries.
  • Talked to thousands of women in New York City and had a dozen or more one night stands.
  • Went from dead broke to having enough money to pay for a new BMW in cash.
  • Taught myself web design, video production and am currently focused on brand promotion.
  • Learned how to speak fluent Russian and will be fluent in German by December, 2018.
  • And the list goes on…

Half-drunk in Red Square, Russia was the first country I lived in outside the USA

This was my journey and yours will be different. However, what you dream of doing, you really do have the chance to make it happen! It doesn’t matter if you’re about to graduate college and you have no fucking idea what to do, or you’re 5 years deep in your “career” but you drink every night because you hate what you do.

Hookah, beers and conversation in Kiev

Whatever the case, a better life is waiting for you. So fuck it, let’s not waste another second. Check out my YouTube channel, check out the articles and start living your life like a movie!

You only live once, make the best of it