How to Use Social Proof to Get Laid

Social proof = using advantageous circumstances to make yourself appear more attractive. Here’s a few examples of how this can play out.

Luke lives in Las Vegas and goes to the same club a couple of times a week. He’s a social guy and has made friends with the doormen, bouncers, bartenders, cocktail waitresses and the floor manager. Tiesto comes to town and Luke uses his connections at the club to get into the DJ booth. In the time it took to walk from the dance floor to the DJ booth he’s gone from average to high status. Taking advantage of this status, he hits on a girl who would normally be out of his league. He takes her home. 

DJ Booth

Get next to this guy in the club and you have instant social proof

In this scenario Luke is able to use his circumstances to create massive social proof and sleep with a beautiful girl. He’s a regular dude with a normal job but he knows how to exploit favorable circumstances to sleep with stunning women. Another example,

Brad walks into the club with Ashley. She’s an attractive women who he’s not hooking up with. They grab a drink then they both go talk to a cute girl standing nearby. This cute girl finds Brad more attractive because Ashley is giving him social proof. With minimal effort Brad ends up making out with the new girl and takes her home. Ashley goes home with one of Brad’s friends. 

Here, Brad used Ashley to convey that he’s a cool, attractive guy. When you first meet a woman she will often test you to see if you’re worthy of her attraction. Brad bypasses this step by using Ashley, which makes the whole process of going home with a cute girl much simpler. Final example,

Your buddy from college does well for himself and so he buys a nightclub. He invites you to come through and you end up spending the night at the owner’s table. There are a bunch of gorgeous girls around and they treat you like royalty. They ask you questions, they laugh at your jokes, they flirt with you. You’re still the exact same person, you still have the personality and you haven’t gotten any better at game. However, the social proof of being at the owner’s table has boosted your desirability into the stratosphere.  

Using social proof to your advantage is an easy way to get laid. If you can bring platonic girl friends to the club and use them as your wingwomen, you have social proof. If you can find a way to party at tables in the club, you have social proof. If you can get into the DJ booth, you have social proof. Once you’re in these situations women find you more attractive and your odds of getting laid go way up.

*Social proof is a scientifically verified aspect of human psychology which has wide implications in a wide variety of domains, not just getting laid. Learn more here

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