How to Turn Social Media into a Productivity Tool

Using social media to be productive

Social media is a waste of time and it can make you feel like shit. However, becoming an internet recluse isn’t really a good option. That’s why I’ve turned my social media accounts into productivity tools. This is surprisingly easy to pull off with the following two steps..

  1. Stop following 95% of the people you know. Between Facebook and Instagram I only follow about 15 people that I’ve met in real life.
  2. Start following successful, motivating people. Basic criteria: if you would live that person’s life and they post good content, follow them.

Who do you think it’s better to follow, Mario Tomich or your high school buddy?

When you do this two things happen. First, you use social media less. Your feed isn’t updated as much and you end up checking it less frequently. Second, when you go on it you’ll only see posts by inspirational people. It’s really a massive improvement! If you’re not sure where to start, I’ll list some cool Instagram accounts that I follow.

How different would your experience be if every time you opened up Instagram you saw posts from these people, instead of your high school buddy getting drunk?

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