The Tim Ferriss 80/20 Analysis

The 80/20 analysis works amazing. Consistently applied it can quickly increase your efficiency and also aid in your understanding of the world. Here’s one way to apply it to your daily regimen.

1. Look at your to-do list. If you don’t have a to-do list, make one (The app Todoist is brilliant and free). Now, staring at everything you have to do, answer this question: what can I do that would make everything else irrelevant? In other words, what are the two or three things that are going to have the biggest positive impact on my life.

2. Do those things. This idea is based on a concept called Pareto’s principle. It dictates that 20% of your effort creates 80% of your results. Conversely, we can see that to get those last 20% of results you have to put in an extraordinary 80% of your time! Unless that remaining 20% is crucial that’s a shit deal.

The Next Logical Step

The 80/20 Rule applies to multiple domains

We can extrapolate this principle to a wide variety of domains. 20% of people own 80% of the wealth, 20% of people drink 80% of the beer, just as 80% of people only drink 20% of the beer, and so on. Once you train yourself to look for this principle you’ll be surprised by how often it occurs.

For example, at the gym compound exercises (squats, deadlift, bench, dips, pull ups, etc.) produce a disproportionate result. When a person focuses exclusively on those exercises they build up their entire physique, even when they don’t specifically target certain groups.

Going back to our to-do list, our mission is always to figure out how we can consistently perform those actions that take up 20% of our time and result in 80% of the results. This style of thinking doesn’t happen automatically overnight, it’s a tool that you have to train yourself to use. However, once you learn to properly implement it the results will speak for themselves.

*Brian Tracy has also written a great article called: The 80-20 Rule Explained.

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