Wade Alters Teaches you How to find Your Passion

Wade Alters has had a lasting impact on my life. Back in the day he wrote a post,

How to Become an Avid Reader: Increase Your Brain Power By 1000%

This article marked a turning point when I stopped dabbling and started reading all-the-fucking-time. That was three or four years ago and the impact has been immense. Apart from that, Wade has influenced my life in two major ways.

1. Increased Confidence with Women

This must become your new reality

There are two words which can radically change the way you interact with women. Ready for it? They are,

I’m awesome. 

So simple, so effective. The idea is that you replace all of your negative self talk with those two words. In your daily life you should never say,

I’m so bad with girls” or “Girls never like me“.

Instead, say “I’m awesome“. Negative talk is self-reinforcing. If you tell yourself bad things then bad things will continue to manifest. If you cut the bullshit and replace it with positive self talk, positive things will start to manifest. You won’t change your mental programming overnight but you will change it eventually.

As that happens, girls will pick up on it and treat you better. This reinforces the reality that “I’m awesome” and perpetuates a beautiful upwards spiral. That’s the opposite of the unnecessary downwards spiral that most guys are stuck in.

2. Creating an Ideal Future 

Wade’s content is great because organized and extremely thorough. His paid material is full of pragmatic advice that really works. If you do the exercises and follow Wade’s instructions, you’ll have the opportunity to create an awesome life plan (discover your ideal future). With that plan you can put your heart into your work because you realize how your current actions take you closer to your idealized life.

While the content is dense the payoff is massive! In the last six months Wade has helped me to develop a clear plan for my future which is something that I’ve never had before.

Wade’s Background

Wade has made the transition from “player” to life coach

At 25 Wade was pursuing a masters degree and dating a woman he had met in high school. He was set to follow society’s standard path: get a good job, have some kids and retire at 65. Then his girlfriend dumped him and he had to figure out how to get laid.

He discovered Real Social Dynamics and quickly starting mentoring with a coach. Within a year he was hooking up with gorgeous women and working for RSD as an instructor. He traveled around the world for years, hanging out in clubs, sleeping with stunning women and teaching other guys to do the same.

Nearing 30, Wade transitioned into lifestyle mastery and coaching. I think this awesome background is the reason Wade resonates well with me. He started from the bottom, learned success with women, how to build a business, how to be an effective coach, and now he’s putting out fantastic content at an affordable price.

Lifestyle Development Content

This is a preview of some of the courses available in “The Syndicate”

The best deal is The SyndicateThis is a *large* collection of videos from Wade’s various programs, I think there’s 20+ hours of content available on demand. All of it is organized into various programs, I.e. networking, dating, building confidence, time management, discovering your passion, persuasion, etc.

All videos are meticulously laid out and the production value is high. There is a large difference between this content and what you can expect to find on the average YouTube channel. Hell, even a good YouTube channel. At $47 a month I think the price is justified. You can cancel at any time and Wade is always adding new content.

Get Involved with Wade

Wade has a number of videos available on his YouTube channel. These give you a taste of his style. However, if you find any of the content to be fluffy, don’t think that translate to the paid products. The free videos are the bread sticks. The paid videos are the steak, shrimp, salad, champagne and chocolate cake. Wade also posts on his website, including a regular podcast. If you take the time to learn from Wade I’m sure that you’ll get as much value from him as I have.

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