Everyone is Good at Something, What are You Best at?

What are you best at?

Many people focus on character weaknesses and ignore strengths. It’s easier to criticize than it is to congratulate. This is especially prevalent among those who have less-obvious abilities. I’ll use myself as an example, as it took me years to appreciate my own talents.

  • Grit and the ability to stay with a task. I don’t feel discouraged or give up easily.
  • I’m a critical thinker. I’m careful about what facts I use as a basis for my way of viewing the world.
  • I react well under pressure, I stay calm and gravitate towards a rational reaction.

These are good, but they’re not as obvious as the abilities of Jamie Foxx.

  • An excellent story teller and master communicator.
  • Great at networking and a massive collection of friends and associates.
  • Outgoing and people naturally gravitate towards him.

Jamie Foxx is insanely talented but if everyone was like him society wouldn’t function

It’s easy to see Foxx’s strengths and feel that you’ve been less blessed. This is not the case. If everyone was like Foxx modern society would not exist. Nobody would have invented the camera, figured out wireless transmission or written the screenplays for the movies Foxx stars in. Everyone would have been to busy telling stories, hanging out and being social!

Society requires all types with different areas of expertise. While your strengths may be less obvious, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any. You just need to go further to find them. Here are a few ways to do that.

  1. What do you enjoy doing that others can’t stand? For instance, reading tedious economic reports, making public presentations or talking to people on the phone. Look at the skills involved and ask, am I better than most?
  2. When have you succeeded while others have failed? What skills were involved that allowed you to get the job done?
  3. Figure out your Enneagram personality type. These personality descriptions are surprisingly accurate. To dig deeper, read the book: Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery

I was listening to Jocko podcast #52 yesterday and Echo Charles reiterated point #1 (edited slightly for clarity).

Usually, when you want to find what you want to do, it doesn’t have to do directly [with a skill I.e. surfing], it’s like, what are the things that stimulate you or motivate you to like surfing?

In becoming aware of your abilities you can increase your self-esteem and efficiency, as you’ll stop trying to be something you’re not. Everyone is naturally gifted in certain areas, identifying yours and building them is a the basis for a fulfilling life. Take a moment to think about your strengths, can you name three? Leave a comment below, I’m interested to know what they are.

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