Meditation: the Habit of Millionaires


Tim Ferriss is an unflinching advocate of meditation. In his book, Tools of Titansa collection of practical advice from highly successful people, Tim mentions that:

More than 80% of the world-class performers I’ve interviewed meditate in the mornings in some fashion.

“If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is” – Steve Jobs

That collection of world-class performers includes billionaires, New York Times best sellers, A-list movie stars, professional athletes and other high achievers. It’s rare to find one thing that so many people have in common, but there it is; meditation. Sitting quietly for 20 minutes and observing your thoughts. Transcendental meditation is popular and involves repeating a mantra. There are also Apps, like Headspace, which promise to introduce you to meditation in an easy-to-digest fashion.

I’m sure these practices are excellent, however, when I meditate I keep it simple. I cross my legs and focus on my breathing. I don’t have a set time, I go for as long as I feel like it. New York Times bestselling author and renowned marketer Seth Godin practices a similar routine, which he describes in an interview.

It’s sloppy, it works. It’s nothing worth writing home about. I’ll just sit, and I’ll close my eyes, and I’ll breathe. And when I’ve had enough of that, I’ll go back to what I was doing.

Easy, simple, beneficial. After meditating for a while it’s difficult to imagine life without it. Meditation helps to quiet your brain and lets you think more efficiently. This becomes critical as you take on larger roles and have to make more consequential decisions. If you feel like you don’t have time to meditate, consider this zen proverb.

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.

Still not convinced? Head over to Fortune to find out Why Tim Ferriss Believes Meditation is the Key to Success. Better yet, start meditating today. Do five minutes a day for the first month, ten minutes a day for the second, then the third month do twenty minutes a day. By the end of ninety days you’ll understand why so many influential people accredit their success to a daily meditation practice.

The Wild World of Frank Yang

Frank Yang

Frank Yang is an artist, free in a way that many are not. He calmly absorbs social pressure that would collapse most. In America he visits Costco and eats a raw fish while customers watch. In Toronto he walks through a public square in a thong with a serene expression. He was recognized by the media for pulling a mattress into a side street and fucking, or pretending to fuck, his girlfriend. Faking this level of indifference is impossible. The tranquil look on Frank’s face, while dozens stare, reflects an enlightened detachment.

The homeless and insane are detached from social norms, but Frank is neither. His body reflects years of training. He plays the violin masterfully. His videos are the work of someone with artistry in the marrow. In a word, if I could hang out with one person in the world, it would be Frank Yang. Let’s look at the YouTube comments from one of his most popular videos.

Was that not the most beautiful 11 minutes of my life? not sure… must watch again just to make sure.

I Love this Guy! The video title should be “The Art of setting your mind free”

This is genius level shit. Fuck the haters, criticize all you want Frank Yang is both a physical and a spiritual beast. 

My god, this gentleman is pure insanity.

This is fucked. You have an extremely disturbing and gifted mind dude

Blowing the minds of the people has never been so much fun

Frank is a smoothie of insanity, talent and genius. On his Instagram account photos are enhanced with captivating descriptions. Some are akin to mini blog posts. Despite his 55,000 followers, Frank frequently replies to comments. His answers are smart and articulate.

To contrast, take someone like Zyzz (deceased). Ripped, beautiful, abnormal. However, his attitude appears one dimensional in comparison to Frank’s. Whereas Zyzz shoots videos of himself flexing, Frank prefers wide angle shots of him doing squats on top of a dildo or lifting with condoms on his fingers because of the slutty weights. It’s fucking ridiculous and absurd. It’s also beautiful. 

We’re in an age of political correctness and people are scared to speak their minds. Free expression is not encouraged, even if we give it lip service. Frank is an antidote. He does and says whatever the fuck he wants. His videos make it clear: he does not care what you think. In explanation of his massive physique, he states,

The body is the shell that I build to wrap around my consciousness, that’s always trying to cause chaos. And the tighter and harder this protection shell is, the weirder I can become.

To understand Frank it’s useful to see where he’s coming from. Read Spiritual Enlightenmentwhich I bought on his recommendation. It’s the most jarring book about spirituality that I’ve ever come across but it’s a necessary book. It will challenge you to think in new ways. After you read it you’ll take a second look at Frank and say, Hey… Maybe this outrageous violin playing social norm destroying bodybuilder is on to something.. 

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The Difference Between Active and Passive Hobbies

A person painting as a hobby

All hobbies are not created equal, active hobbies are the most rewarding. When you practice an active hobby you make something unique and learn valuable skills. Some examples,

  • Writing
  • Talking to girls
  • Learning a language
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Playing the guitar
  • Painting
  • Etc.

These hobbies allow you to be creative and bring something new into the world. They also force you to grow. Along the path to mastery you’ll encounter many ups and downs. Working through these obstacles is difficult but they teach perseverance, determination and dedication.

Also, becoming good at an active hobby can get you laid. The stereotyped guitar player, painter or surfer are all good examples. Maybe Jiu Jitsu and writing not so much, but there’s still certainly potential.

Passive Hobbies

On the other hand we have passive hobbies. Some examples,

  • Watching television
  • Playing video games
  • Fantasy sports
  • Etc.

When you do these things you’re not contributing to society. You’re spending your time in someone’s else’s world . This prevents full creativity and restricts the potential rewards. Most guys recognize that girls aren’t lining up to sleep with someone who’s mastered the elusive art of watching television.

A difficult video game may inspire you with a sliver of perseverance and discipline. However, it’s going to be 2% of the benefit that you would get from talking to 10 women a day for a week. You can learn from a television program but you could have learned the same thing from 8 minutes of reading. In 9 out of 10 cases there’s no favorable comparison between an active and a passive hobby.

How are you spending your time?