3 Reasons that Travelling Alone is Awesome

3 Reasons that Travelling alone is awesome

Travelling alone gives you the best chance to learn about yourself and grow as a person. Not only that, but it’s fun as hell! When you travel alone you have a bunch of unique experiences that you wouldn’t necessarily have if your buddy was tagging along. Of course travelling with friends is great too, there are some real advantages. However, if you’ve never gone solo, it’s something that you definitely need to cross off of your bucket list. Here’s why..

1. You’re Forced to Meet New People

When you’re solo, if you want to get a beer at the pub, do a two person adventure or sleep with a cute girl, you have to be social. I think that’s great! Studies have shown that our friends are often not the people who we’re most suited for. The average person builds friendships out of convenience. We meet people in class, at work, or through our social circle. We don’t select friendships so much as fall into them.

When you travel the situation is different. You know that anyone you run into on your journey is going to have similar interests and they’re going to have the tenacity to turn their aspirations into reality. Many dream of drinking beer on the beach or hiking across Europe, few actually make it happen.

2. You’re not Worried About the Other Person

If the trip is your idea and you bring someone along, there may be some anxiety. If something goes wrong it’s going to feel like your fault. When you’re alone none of that matters. So long as you choose a place you’re passionate about, you’ll have the motivation to get through the inevitable obstacles.

3. You Have 100% Control of the Trip

On an inspired journey part of the joy comes from not knowing what’s next. When you travel alone you have the flexibility to embrace sudden change. If you want stay longer in one place or leave somewhere else earlier than planned, you’re free to do so. You don’t have to think about what your buddy wants to do.

Picture this, you’re staying at a hostel when you meet some awesome German guys. They invite you to backpack through the mountains with them for a week. Unfortunately your friend thinks this sounds like the worst idea ever so you have to pass it up. If you were travelling alone this would have not been an issue, you could have gone on that awesome trip.

While travelling with friends can be an incredibly rewarding experience, I think that solo travel is something that everyone should do at least once. It will test your character and show you that you’re capable of more than you imagined.

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